About Leah Ryan's FEWW

Leah Ryan's Fund for Emerging Women Writers (FEWW) and its annual prize were established in 2010 to honor the memory of Leah Ryan, and to encourage and support the work of women writers. It is the purpose of the prize to perpetuate the integrity, compassion and creativity that Leah herself possessed and inspired in others.

Leah Ryan’s FEWW intends both to encourage brilliant and unrecognized women playwrights with an annual cash prize and a New York City showcase of the winning work. Beginning in January of 2015, the FEWW will be offering The Vladimir Award, a new emergency fund for writers facing medical emergencies. At the beginning of her treatment for leukemia and with her characteristic humor, Leah Ryan named her IV pole Vladimir, a nod to the Russian writers she loved. It was Leah's wish that this emergency fund be created.